2 Year Celebration !

Here is a small summary of what we accomplished so far. 

  • EasyRigging produced over 10.000 mtr of shrouds
  •  EasyRigging supplied about 350 boats.
  • EasyRigging Supplied over 35 champions.
  • EasyRigging is the only PBO supplier starting at the smallest sizes.


All of this was acheived in just 2 years, since EasyRigging was presented in June 2007 as an accesible product for mainstream sailing. As a company, SmartRigging  is the only lightweight rigging supplier which can offer the full range from the smallest of dinghies up to the worlds biggest lightweight rigged yachts (i.e. "Athos" a 203' Schooner, 62 mtr). Throughout these 2 brands we offer te highest quality at fibre level.


EasyRigging, is especially designed for sailboats standing rigging, head stays and aft rigging such as check-stays, runners, etc. EasyRigging can produce the super lightweight endless wound rigging cables with high modulus Aramid, PBO or Dyneema fibres. In the near future carbon will also be possible in the bigger sizes. These super fibres are 70 till 90% lighter, and twice as strong as steel rigging. The fibre properties ensure that these high performance rigging cables are much lighter and stronger than normal steel rigging.


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